CA settings

The following page describes all the settings for the parameters calculations.


These settings corresponds to the model used for the individual fit of the data set. This model corresponds to a PK model from the MonolixSuite PK library.
The PK library includes model with different administration routes (bolus, infusion, first-order absorption, zero-order absorption, with or without Tlag), different number of compartments (1, 2 or 3 compartments), and different types of eliminations (linear or Michaelis-Menten). More details, including the full equations of each model, can be found on theĀ dedicated page for the model libraries.
The PK library models can be used with single or multiple doses data, but they allow one type of administration in the data set (only oral or only bolus, but not some individuals with bolus and some with oral for instance).
When you click on “SELECT”, the list of available model files appear, as well as a menu to filter them. Use the filters and indications in the file name (parameters names) to select the model file you need.

Along with the selected model, you have the initial parameters to define. To evaluate graphically the impact of these parameters, you can go to the “Check Init.” tab.

Calculations settings

These settings corresponds to the settings impacting the calculation of the CA parameters.

  • Weighting: Type of weighting objective function. Possible methods are “uniform”, “Yobs”, “Ypred”, “Ypred2” or “Yobs2” (default value is “Yobs2”).
  • Pool fit: If FALSE (default), fit is with individual parameters or, if TRUE, with the same parameters for all individuals.
  • Method for BLQ: Method to replace the BLQ data. Possible options are: “zero”, “LOQ”, “LOQ2” or “missing” (default value is “missing”).