CA model

The first step to run the compartmental analysis task in PKanalix is selecting a model. Models in PKanalix are .txt files and are loaded in the Model sub tab of the Task tab. You can:

Note: In PKanalix versions before 2023, only models from the PK library are available.

After loading a model, PKanalix switches automatically the MODEL sub-tab to the CHECK INIT. sub-tab for parameters initialization. To view the model file go back to the MODEL sub-tab. The left section shows the model file content. Clicking on the EDIT MODEL button allows to edit the model, save and apply it to the current project. For more details, see the custom model documentation page.The right hand side shows the mapping between the data set observations ids and the model outputs. For more details, see the mapping in Monolix documentation page. This feature is the same in PKanalix and Monolix.

Saving model information in the PKanalix project file

In PKanalix, a model file is a .txt file and its name is displayed on top of the MODEL sub-tab. If a model is from the PKanalix library, then the file name contains a prefix “lib:”. For custom models there is the full path to the file.

Remark on using custom models. Be careful when you change a location of a model file. If it was used in any PKanalix project, then you will not be able to re-open this project. You will see an error “Missing model file at ‘original_path_to_modelFile/model_filename.txt’.”. To avoid such situation, use a project settings (In the top menu “Settings”) and switch on the toggle “Save the dataset and the model beside the project”.

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