Export a PKanalix project

Export a PKanalix to Monolix/Simulx

MonolixSuite applications are interconnected and you can export & import a PKanalix project between different applications. This interconnection is guaranteed by using the same model syntax (mlxtran language) and the same dataset format. There are two options to export a PKanalix project*

  • Export to Monolix for population model development, estimation and diagnosis. See Monolix documentation.
  • Export to Simulx for simulations of new scenarios, e.g. new dosing regimens. It requires loading a model in CA. See Simulx documentation.
*Note: Export of a PKanalix project to Simulx is available starting from the 2023 version. In the previous versions, you can only export a PKanalix project only to Monolix. To export a PKanalix project to Monolix or Simulx click EXPORT PROJECT TO in the top menu “Export”, select the target software (Monolix or Simulx), and confirm the process by clicking on the button EXPORT at the bottom. By default, generated files, e.g. dataset and model file, will be saved next to the target project.


Export to Monolix

Exporting a PKanalix project to Monolix opens automatically a Monolix application and creates a new Monolix project with predefined elements:
  • Dataset tagging and formatting steps (if present) as in the PKanalix project.
  • Dataset filters (if applied) as in the PKanalix project.
  • Structural model and initial parameters values as selected in the CA task in the PKanalix project. If there is no model in the PKanalix project, then Monolix will use a default model from the library with oral or iv administration (depending on the NCA settings), one compartment and linear elimination.
  • Statistical model and tasks: default Monolix settings
Monolix will open in the “Statistical model and tasks” tab, and you can immediately click the button RUN to execute estimation of parameters and generate diagnostic plots.


Export to Simulx

Exporting a PKanalix project to Simulx creates a Simulx project with all elements that could be useful for simulating the model automatically. In the Definition tab:
  • Model, individual parameters estimates and output variables – imported from the CA task in PKanalix.
  • Occasions, covariates, treatments and regressors – imported from the dataset used in the PKanalix project.
Moreover, Simulx automatically sets exploration and simulation scenarios. The Exploration (tab) contains one group to explore effects of model parameters and treatment on a single individual. The Simulation (tab) contains one group to re-simulate individuals from the PKanalix project. You will find more information about imported elements and how to create new scenarios in the Simulx documentation webpage.

Share a PKanalix project

The 2024 version of MonolixSuite introduces a highly convenient method for sharing projects. Simply click on “Share Project” in the export menu, and a zip folder is generated containing all the required files to re-open the project (dataset, model for CA if not from library, pkx file, result folder). By default, the suggested location for the zipped shared project matches that of the original, but this can be easily modified to any other location on the computer.