List of Known Bugs

The list of known bugs in every version of MonolixSuite can be found in the release notes of the next version.

We list below the known bugs in PKanalix 2023R1 (they will be fixed in the next version). The 2023R1 version of PKanalix can be downloaded here.


  • The lixoft folder inside temp is not deleted after installation.


  • In the Documentation tab, the tutorials section can be empty (due to issues with the host server).

Plots & Reporting

  • If the axes in bivariate data viewer have been modified (to select which observation goes on which axis), default report generation can get frozen.
  • [Observed data] numbers in Information box are based on all ids from the dataset, and not all ids in the Observed data plot (ie if there are ids without data in this plot they are still counted).
  • Windows only: if a project file path contains more than 168 characters, generating a report might fail with a following error: “System::IO::DirectoryNotFoundException: Path not found ‘pathToProject\PKanalix\ChartsFigures\covariatemodeldiagnosis_nca_0_a3e5281c97564a1fb22c63feef4f4d4c_0.svg'”

Data set

  • For specific projects, the warning message about ignored columns in external treatment file of data formatting appears each time we save the project.
  • If an ID has only censored data, when navigating through IDs in the selection panel of stratify and reaching this ID, PKanalix freezes then shuts down.


  • After exporting a project with a scaling factor in the units to Monolix, the scaling is wrongly applied on the CA predictions in the Check init. tab.


  • Mapping arguments are not taken into account in newProject(). You need to use setMapping() instead.
  • The documentation of setNCASettings is not correct. It is now corrected online (and will be fixed in the package for the next version). Correction: parameters calculated in case of plasma data if partial AUC calculation intervals are provided through the partialAucTime: “AUC_int”, “AUC_int_D”, “CAVG_int”.
  • Filtering NCA results statistics by acceptance criteria is incorrect. It selects lines for which the value of Flag = 0, but should take values when Flag=1 as in the GUI.